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Jul 25, 2008

What A Duo

Two of my favorite flowers. Okay who am I kidding, I like all flowers, even the ones most people think of as weeds. I just like a few more than others. The lillies remind me of the fake flowers that I brought home from my Aunt Mary's funeral back in November of 1999. I rode down to Alabama with my sister and husband. They had been married less than a month, it was an interesting trip. We relied on mapquest to get us down there when we knew where we were going, why I depend on it when I now where I am at I will never know. It is nice to use as a visual to refresh my mind but I find I do better planning out the route by looking at the map and not the directions that are given on mapquest. But I digress. These flowers are from my cousins flower garden that literally wraps around her house. The lillies remind me of the flowers that I brought back and made into a floral wreath that hangs just inside my front door. I see the lillies every day. I love the color of these lillies in particular. Then again burgundies and dusty pinks/mauves are among my first choice when choosing decors. I chose this image to start with because of the combination together. I found it rather stunning.


Stanley said...

Hei there I just wanna thank you for dropping by my site =)

Louise said...

Excellent picture, and yes, quite stunning. The hydrangea is my favorite, but its color is more subtle, and that fits my personality better. But both are GORGEOUS!

storyteller said...

Lilies and Hydrangea … beautiful combo!
Hugs and blessings,

April said...

Beautiful image - such lovely colors and shapes! I used to have a Hydrangea - the flowers make such wonderful dried arrangements. Thanks for stopping by. I really appreciated your nice comment on my pelican photos.

Rambling Round said...

Hi Christy.
This is a beautiful picture of some beautiful flowers.
I read where you visited Alabama several years ago. What part? I have lived in Central Alabama all my life.

Marvin said...

Beautiful flowers.

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