I truly think that there is more beauty in imperfection than perfection, for it is the imperfect things that truly make us beautiful. --me
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Jul 24, 2008

Old But Always Beautiful

There is something about old farming equipment. I love the look of it whether it is rusted or care has been taken to keep it from rusting. I have always claimed I was born in the wrong century, decade, era what have you. I love the Victorian age, I love the clothing of the rich of the Renaissance, I love the ideals of the pioneers starting their lives anew traveling into the unknown of the States, and I am definitely a fanatic of all things World War II. But then I stop and realize, how oh how could I ever survive without air conditioning. I love having the benefits of this modern convenience. I know that I could live without my computer (I do enjoy having it though). I will admit I am a modern girl. I enjoy jumping into the car and zipping across town or across the state. I did this yesterday. I went to drop my mom off at my aunt's house so they can go down to Alabama. I really wish. I could be going down there. I had a nice afternoon in Saint Joseph. I actually made it over to my cousin's house on the river. I did not make it down to the river though. I had a slight headache, just enough to make me feel off balance and I didn't think that I should try and go down the mountain umm I mean hillside even though there are steps carved out. I plan to go down next month when I head over to the other side of the state. I got some nice pictures of the flowers in my cousin's garden and will be sharing these over the next couple of days.


For The People said...

I love that kind of shot! Great commentary as well.

Louise said...

From the first sentence to "I will admit I am a modern girl," you were speaking things I think ALL THE TIME. ALL the time.

Lovely picture.

Shellmo said...

I love old farming equipment and lumbering equipment as well! I'm with you - I love the nostalgia of the era. (Which is why I love Greenfield Village in Dearborn so much!)

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