I truly think that there is more beauty in imperfection than perfection, for it is the imperfect things that truly make us beautiful. --me
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Jul 7, 2008


After a busy weekend of doing nothing, I have finally posted my image for today. I hope all enjoy. I sure have enjoyed getting to know my little community of bloggers and look forward to continuing my sharing with all.


Whitney said...

Wow this is a really beautiful picture! The flowers look so bright and clear and the background leaves are blurred which makes the front ones stand out even more...Flowers are definetly one of my favorite things to take pictures of and I just wanted to tell you that I really like this shot!

Louise said...

I love hollyhocks. I especially love pink, old-fashioned ones. I have red and white double ones. Yours is exactly what I want!

Very pretty!

John Theberge said...

I love the hollyhock flowers, I'm amazed at how tall they can get.

For The People said...

That is incredible! Love the color and contrast! Anyway, Good Morning from Mississippi! Hope you have a great week. Keep up the good work here!

Pietro said...

This is a lovely image, with excellent structure: I enjoy it very much!

April said...

What a gorgeous flower and such a beautiful picture of it!! (That's a great offer from Barnes and Noble - I hope it will encourage many children to read this summer) Thanks also for your book recommendation, Christy. I'll be sure to add it to my list of "books to read". :)

Shellmo said...

Very pretty- the pink in the flowers really pops out!

Marvin said...

I especially thank you for sharing this one. We had to give up on trying to grow Hollyhocks. The deer think they are delicious.

kjpweb said...

Nicely done! They look just like a wildflower I found, that I really struggled to identify - Caesar Weed.
Cheers, Klaus

Gretchen said...

Very pretty!

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