I truly think that there is more beauty in imperfection than perfection, for it is the imperfect things that truly make us beautiful. --me
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Jan 5, 2010

As the Water Falls

Testing out different shutter speeds. I liked these two images the best.

Jan 1, 2010

Comment Moderation

I have changed the comment moderation for the time being. Since I have limited access to the internet for the moment, I want the comments to be visible. Things will be back to normal here shortly. I will check in and if I need to delete comments I will, so far I have been blessed and not had to delete any comments for negativity or meanness. I have found a wonderful community in the blogging world and look forward to spending time with you all on a more regular basis again.

Happy New Year!!!

Purple Sunset

Thought I would share a few things with you. Life has been busy. But we are in a new house and things are starting to look like we are settled. We are looking forward to getting internet this month. I am so looking forward to getting back to posting. I have lots to share. I am setting up a few auto posts for now.

My First Blogging Recognition

My First Blogging Recognition
from Louise at Potted Frog

My Second Blogging Recognition

My Second Blogging Recognition
from Mom of 4 at Our "Lil" Family

My Third Blogging Recognition

My Third Blogging Recognition
from Pam at The Conley Family