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Oct 25, 2008

Views around the Augusta Covered Bridge

Here are a few views from right around the bridge. The first image is through one of the windows looking to the south. The second image is just northeast of the bridge looking to the west. The third image is standing just west of the bridge looking to the north. And the last image is another image of the bridge looking to the south. I was unable to get any images of the bridge from the south side. I didn't have the right shoes and the ground was soft and muddy so I didn't attempt to go off of onto any unbeaten path. I did use a barely used trail for my images of the north side. You could tell that a path was there but it was seldom used. Next time I will be more prepared for this and hopefully get some other pictures that I can already see in my head.


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

What a lovely place!Your pictures show the beauty and peacefulness of this spot.

Shellmo said...

I keep looking at these photos and thinking of that book Bridges over Madison County. Wonderful images!

Marvin said...

Great photos, Christy. My favorite is the third that shows the bend in the river and fall color. I have never seen a covered bridge except in photos.

Christy said...

Ruth - thanks I was in awe of the peace this place captured I look forward to walking the entire loop.

Shelley - I think of that book well actually the movie as well when I think about the covered bridges.

Marvin - I like that one especially as well. You know until I doscovered these other bridges I had only seen one covered bridge before and that was in Frankenmuth, MI.

Louise said...

What terrific photos! I love the bridge (I think the picture of it is my favorite), but it provides some wonderful vistas!

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