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Oct 15, 2008


Another reason I enjoy the Renaissance Festival is because of the music. I enjoy listening to the celtic sounds especially. One of the new acts this year was Tartanic.

This drum was literally two rows in front of us. The poor guy holding it up couldn't get over how numb his arms felt after being volunteered to hold it. The funny thing about the drum being so close is that my Eli fell asleep with this going on right in front of us.

Here they did a parody of an angel painting, I believe it was a painting. Anyway I was focused on something else as they were doing this and I didn't get the picture quite fast enough but I think the effect is still there just not as strong as it was with the drum over his head as a halo.

I included this last picture to show where we were sitting in relation to the stage. The empty space behind my oldest's head is where they were playing the drum from the previous photo. That and I just think my baby is adorable no matter what he is doing.


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I agree your little one is adorable.Take time to enjoy them while they are still young.They grow up so quickly,my baby is 35 years old,but now I have an almost 3 year old grandaughter to spoil.Such fun!

Shellmo said...

It looks like a fun festival! And I enjoy celtic music as well.

Louise said...

Celtic music is my favorite. And what tired boys you had! You are SOOOO lucky, though. The one of mine that gets the most tired (and crabby) would never sleep in such a place and would therefore just be miserable and cranky.

April said...

It looks like a great festival - I enjoy Celtic music as well. Your son is so cute!

Thank you so much, Christy, for identifying my butterfly. I hadn't seen the Compton Tortoiseshell butterfly before. I really appreciate the link and your interest.

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