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Oct 29, 2008

Final Touches

As we were leaving the Augusta Covered Bridge area, well I had to use the bathroom. On my way over to the restrooms I noticed this log building. If you notice the sign says "Maple Manor". Judging by this sign and the smoke stack, I am assuming they have demonstrations, typically during the months of February and March in Michigan, on how maple syrup is made.

Also out on display was this wonderful logging wheel. The size of it is unbelievable. It is close to the size of the cabin. For other pictures to help put the size in perspective visit my other blog.

This image below is of a gnarly old tree. I highly suggest that you enlarge this image to truly see all of the bumps and such.

The following are some wood carvings done in some tree trunks. I was in awe of the tiny details that the put in the carving. I believe these are actually done with a chainsaw but I do not know this for sure so please don't quote me on that.


Michele Wassell said...

Lovely blog and great posts... :)

Stanley said...

Totem poles! And the autumn colours are really beautiful.

Evan J said...

That logging wheel looks huge, it would be fun to see up close.

Marvin said...

I really nice tour, Christy. That logging wheel is enormous. And, those carvings do, indeed, look as if they were done by someone very skilled with a chainsaw.

Shellmo said...

I loved that log building - especially the cut rounded ends.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Great pictures.That old tree is impressive,almost ugly,yet still beautiful in it's own way.

Louise said...

Nice post! I'm in awe over those wheels!

Roses and Lilacs said...

Great post. That old tree has had a hard life. I was wondering how they used that wheel.

Rocky Mtn. Girl said...

These are all wonderful photos!! A great series that I thoroughly enjoyed!!

Misty Dawn said...

Yes, I do believe those carvings were done with a chainsaw - I have one of a wolf that my dad did. My dad has also made a fish, bear, and some others that I forget now.

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