I truly think that there is more beauty in imperfection than perfection, for it is the imperfect things that truly make us beautiful. --me
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Oct 2, 2008

The Short Loop

On our walk we came across this spot stating it was the short loop. Across from the entrance to the short loop was a small bench upon which I sat down to rest. My husband decided to take the trail and with the boys en tow headed out ahead of me. I was going to catch up in a few minutes. This is typical anyway because I am usually lingering behind because something has caught my eye and I am taking pictures of it. So I sat and rested for a five minutes, I got up to head down the short loop and this is the view that I had around me. It was so quiet and peaceful. I couldn't see my husband up ahead not a big deal. Well about five minutes or so down the path my husband is headed right at me, mind you the path is only wide enough for one person to walk along. So I asked him if he was worried about me. No he wasn't worried about me. There was a fallen tree in the path and he was not able to go any farther with the stroller and had to turn around. So I stepped aside and let him pass and headed back out onto the main trail. At this point the bugs were starting to become well buggy namely the mosquitoes, so we headed back. I hope to go back and take more pictures in the next week or so. I was thinking about trying this weekend but I'm not sure the weather is going to allow it.

I will start the Howell Nature Center/Wild Wonders Wildlife Park photos on Sunday. Hopefully I will be out shooting more pictures on Saturday.


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I can see how one would be drawn into this path.I looks like a peaceul place,just the place to spend a few minutes reflecting on the beauty in nature.

Anonymous said...

I am supposed to be on a different blog but it won't load from critter Linky or your profile.
Thanks for your comment.

April said...

It looks very peaceful - I like places like this - it gives me a chance to relax and put things in perspective.

Shellmo said...

I can look into the trees forever - great shot!

Louise said...

Love your thistle and milkweed below, but especially this peaceful picture. And knowing that you were all alone is better. I love going places like this and being left behind (which is common for the same reasons that it happens to you). I see so much more when it is quiet! (And probably not as many things try to escape as quickly as possible as when there are children around!)

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