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Oct 9, 2008

The Alien's Have Landed

Here is a bug. I look at this thing and it definitely looks a lot like the pictures of aliens that many have drawn or even those portrayed in the movies. MIB comes to mind especially as I look at this little critter. I did not get a picture of the top of this guy so I am unable to identify him. He landed on our windshield before we left the Wild Wonders Wildlife Park. I just had to practice my macro shots. Also as a bonus I am including a picture of the petunias that were planted in planters along the path by the offices.

Tomorrow I start the pictures from the Renaissance Festival. Mind you these are not my typical images. They involve more people but I do have a few pics of flowers and some of the animals out there.


Shellmo said...

That bug does look like it could be from that movie! Glad you decided to end your post w/ the pretty flowers!

Stanley said...

That creature looks like something from a Men in Black film =)

Marvin said...

What a great macro of a beautiful bug! :-)

And it is a True Bug, which doesn't exactly give you much of an ID since there are 3500+ species of True Bugs in North America. The way its antennae are segmented is one indicator of its True Bugs status. Its long, straight beak indicates that it sucks plant juices, as opposed to assassin bugs which have curved beaks so they can more easily pierce the exoskeletons of other insects.

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