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Sep 15, 2008

Hey Look It's a Caterpillar

Oh wait, no it's not. I had to laugh because I had hooked my digital camera up to my grandparents tv the other night and my mom was saying different things as I scrolled through the pictures. We came across this one and she was all "oh wow would you look at that caterpillar isn't it so cool looking" My oldest niece who will be seven in December looked at her and very matter of fact tone and said "Grandma that is not a caterpillar". I couldn't help but laugh. The reason I took the picture is because it reminded me of a caterpillar. What do you think?


Louise said...

I'm a caterpillar-loathing type of person. Anything that faintly resembles a worm is not something I want to hang out with. And as I kid I used to love these grass seeds because they were tickly, then we would pull them apart. So to ME, no resemblance, but I'm probably not the right person to ask!

Shellmo said...

Wow - what an illusion!

Stanley said...

I totally looks like a caterpillar. It had me fooled for a moment there =)

zhakee said...

All blown up onto a tv screen, I'd probably think, at first it was a caterpillar too. But of course, that little child knew better and probably had better vision than grandma.

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