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Sep 25, 2008

Feeding the Deer

Click the pictures to enlarge them and see more detail. Some of them are not the greatest but they are priceless. I made them smaller since I had so many to share.

This was such a cool thing for my little guy to do. It was so interesting to watch Asa as well as the doe checking each other out. They were both curious of one another. First we spotted the doe down below, C. asked if it was okay if he took Asa down to help feed the doe. The doe was aware of something different with the routine. Asa followed C. and helped get food from the shed and bring it back to the feeding trough. It was so interesting watching the deer pace around C. and Asa, checking out Asa and making sure that everything was still going to be okay. Then after placing the food in the trough C. stepped back with Asa in his arms and they watched a few minutes then headed back up the hill side.

I hope experiences like this helps to encourage a thoughtfulness in my sons' lives when it comes to nature. I will admit I am not exactly the perfect role model but I am slowly changing our life style to help benefit the nature that surrounds us. We are trying to eat more natural foods, I am using reusable shopping bags - this is new because I became aware of how many plastic bags we were getting at the grocery store. Since my husband is now bagging the groceries I have learned they are not supposed to put more than five items in a bag. Now I know this is a basis guideline. I decided that we need to be less wasteful in this department of our lives and it gives us a small discount on our grocery bill for using the reusable bags (at least at Kroger and it doesn't have to be a Kroger bag.) Anyhow, I am also changing our diet to contain less processed foods. I have contemplated the whole organic issue and have actually found some lists of produce to consider always buying organic, those to consider buying organic if it is economical to add it into the grocery bill, and those that you don't really have to worry about as much i.e. the produce that you don't eat the whole thing such as bananas where you through away the peel. Also I was informed that just because it is not labeled organic doesn't necessarily mean that isn't organic. Some of the farmers interviewed in the article I read said they are not labeled organic because they don't want to have to bow to the governmental controls, so do your research and find out if the supplier is one of those that doesn't want to have the government controlling their business. Another area I am working on is the bottled water. I am trying to get passed this. I will admit I am bad and buy bottled water but it is the cheap store brand. I also use disposable diapers but am considering cloth diapers for any future children so who knows there. Okay so I said all this to simply state that I am trying to instill a love of nature in my boys. I want them to appreciate the beauty of this earth that God gave to us to enjoy. I truly hope they see the work of God in His creation as much as I do. Have a Blessed Thursday.


Shellmo said...

Christy - these photos were so heartwarming and how great to share w/ your little one! He will definitely grow up w/ an appreciation for nature. My stepson is now 9 and he knows all his birds and is still excited to see any creature - especially a deer!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

What an awesome exprience,to have wild deer so close.Seems to me you and your family must have a special blessing from God,cherish it.

Louise said...

The photos are fantastic. Definitely priceless, as you said. What memories.

And there are not many people that are completely, 100%, in every single way earth-friendly, but we have to do the best we can. I'm going to do a post on October 2 for a meme and I will use the words "conveniently inconvenieced." Sometimes we are in a place where we can't turn our entire lives upside-down, but there are things everyone can do to be more friendly to the environment. Being aware, as you definitely are, is more important than anything in teaching your kids.

sandyland said...

how marvelous for him and I agree on the butterfly !!sandy

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