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Jun 17, 2008

The Cliff (near Mountain Home, Arkansas)

It had to have been close to a hundred degrees out. I was sitting down on a lower ledge waiting. Waiting. Waiting. My sister, cousin and one of my cousin's friends were cliff diving. They all jumped from the lower ledge, where I am sitting, without much hesitation. Okay they each did this twice, so they decide it is time to move up to the bigger cliff, besides the lower one was just for test runs. Finally my sister jumps, a few minutes later my cousin's friend jumps but only after a few test walk ups to get herself ready to actually jump, my cousin is doing the same thing and continues to do this for another few minutes. So I take advantage and shoot a few shots of the gorgeous scenery. I only shot two or three shots at the time because I am using film and I honestly didn't really think about the artistic possibilities because in 2001 I still didn't think of myself as an artist. This image was one of the ones juried into the student art show the year I had seven images. I was impressed since I was only in three art classes at the time and if I remember right I only submitted eleven images to be juried. Anyway this is beside the point. I am proud of this image because I literally sweated it out to get it. There was no shade around and I had to sit in the direct sun and it truly was hot out. Think Arkansas in mid-July.


April said...

Hello Christy,
This is a stunning photograph!! The light is perfect, and the colors are wonderful. Such a beautiful spot! I liked reading about your experiences as well. Right now I am contending with mosquitoes when I take photos. :)

Sandpiper said...

This is really beautiful. The colors, the composition, the scenery. Not a place I would want to jump off of, but I would love to take picture of it.

Christy said...

April - thanks I love the scenery in the Ozarks of Arkansas. It has to be one of my favorite places that I have visited but then again I say that of almost anywhere I have visited. I just truly enjoy nature and love to travel.

Sandpiper - I couldn't agree more. It is a beautiful location but I had no desire to jump off myself. I don't like my ears going under the water. If it wasn't such a beautiful spot I probably would have been more impatient and irritable from sitting in the sun, luckily I remembered my sunscreen.

Pat - An Arkansas Stamper said...

This is a wonderful photo. Lake Norfolk? I haven't been to Mountain Home in a while.

I believe it when you say the temp was in the 100's. July is like that in Arkansas. I can hardly wait! (sarcasm) Mountain Home is about 90 miles north of me and, relatively speaking of course, it's cooler up there than in central Arkansas. We must have had a real scorcher here that day.

Marvin said...

For some strange and unknown reason, that terrain looks very familiar. :-)

momof4 said...

Don't think I'd be jumping off that cliff. But it is a beautiful picture.

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