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Jun 26, 2008

Bee Stalking

These are from my attempt at stalking a bee. I tried some macro shots and could not get the bee to cooperate with me and stay still long enough for me to focus. These are the best images that I got and I really like the bottom image the best. What do you think?


Louise said...

I like the bottom image best. I find it hard, VERY hard, to photograph bees. I see them. I put the camera up, then I don't see them because they're already somewhere else. They are busy (like bees!) little creatures. It's rare I get a good shot.

April said...

Very nice pictures of flower and bee. Bees are not the easiest to photograph - they move around so much, but it's fun trying.

Sandpiper (Lin) said...

These are great! You should see the one I was stalking yesterday. Total blur! LOL Those are pretty flowers, too.

Shellmo said...

I like the bottom one best too!

momof4 said...

I think the pictures are great. I personally wouldn't stalk a bee...lol Not sure if I'd have a reaction if I got stung. Sounds like bees are like kids...never stay still. lol But those flowers are very pretty and such vivid colors!

Texas Travelers said...

Nice photos.

Practice , practice, practice.
Insects take patience.

Thanks for the visit,

i beati said...

gotta love that title bee stalking

Marvin said...

I agree: The carpenter bee in the bottom photo is my favorite.

I'm certainly no expert, but I'm found that taking successful insect macros is largely a function of persistence and determination. Attempt macros at every opportunity and take lots of shots. The success ratio for insect macros is quite low, but the reward of a great insect capture is worth the time and effort spent. At least, it is for me. :-)

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