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Nov 12, 2008

Daisy Fleabane

Daisy Fleabane

Okay I am trying to convince myself it is not really cold outside. I am not ready for the cold. My hormones have returned to normal, I am now freezing and it isn't even near to being the coldest weather that we will see in my neck of the woods. The last two winters haven't been to bad. I haven't been to cold. But they also came just after giving birth to my children. I was hoping that I wouldn't go back to the freezing feeling that I have always had. My house is set at 74 degrees and I am still cold. The only reason my temperature is set this high is because of my boys. Their room is the farthest from the furnace and hence it stays colder than the rest of the house. Since neither of the sleeps with covers yet the only way to ensure they are warm is to keep the heat a little higher than I would like. I definitely am not looking forward to my heating bills this winter. Have a pleasant Wednesday.


Marvin said...

I haven't added a log to the wood stove in several hours because the house had gotten too hot. The temp inside is now about right at 68ยบ, but of course, we don't have little ones to keep warm.

Great shot of the daisy fleabane. It's a simple and common little wildflower but I always let a lot of it grow around our place so that it will attract insects for me to photograph.

Marvin @ Nature in the Ozarks

Rocky Mtn. Girl said...

A beautiful daisy!!! Gorgeous.
Keep warm!

Evan J said...

Great daisy shot, the cold is here but this photo certainly helps bring warm thoughts.

Louise said...

I'm not ready, either. If we look at that long enough, will it makes us warm!

If my house were a toasty 74, it would probably cost about $700/month--possibly more. We usually keep our heat on 57, but are attempting 54 this year. We've only had 2 days where it was that cold, but the winter lasts long into spring here, so I dread it. I'm cold anyway. It's hanging aroun 60 these days, and that's cold enough for me.

Warm thoughts. Warm thoughts.

Shellmo said...

I think I cut some of these daisys this summer for a vase in my cabin - good memories! I hope you stay warm! (I'm always hot - I'm driving my hubby crazy by always turning the heat down to 68 degrees.)

Christy said...

Thanks everyone. I do try to stay warm. It just drives me crazy because there is no happy medium to my house. I am hoping to lower the temp during the day and only raise it at night because I can't have my boys freezing. And setting the temp at 74 puts their room at about 70 degrees.

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