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Nov 19, 2008

The Burning Bush

Okay so I didn't actually take this picture in the last couple of days. This is from a few years ago, I think 2003. It is on the grounds of Dow Gardens in Midland. I used to love visiting there until I found The Chippewa Nature Center. The reason I like the nature center better is two-fold. One being that the nature center is free and come on who doesn't like free stuff and two it is nature in its finest not cultivated by man. I still enjoy Dow Gardens just not as often as I once did.

I had hoped to actually go out and get some snow pictures since the snowfall we received stuck around pretty well until late this afternoon. It is still here but the sun has had an effect. Sadly, yesterday I had a migraine headache and they tend to put down for two to three days. The first day being the headache and the second and third day recovering from the after affects of the headache. I hate this but it is a part of life that I must endure. Headaches, migraines in particular, seem to be a hereditary thing in my family. My granny had them, my mom and her siblings have them, and most of my cousins along with myself experience them. I say my granny had them because she rarely if ever gets them now not because she has passed. She has been forbidden to die. I depend on her to much for emotional and moral support. She is my confidant. I can tell her anything without feeling judged or belittle, not that I think anyone else in my family would do this I have just never been able to talk to other family members quite like I can my granny. When I went away to college she was the one I typically called when I needed to talk. She also was the closest to me geographically, only a short five hours away; whereas the rest of my family was twelve hours away. Knowing she was close enough to come if I really needed her meant the world to me. I have many fond memories of my granny and my grandpa. I need to sit and write these out as a treasure for my children if nothing else. Because when the time comes my boys will already have a strong bond with both of them and I am so grateful to see this interaction. Many people sometimes don't even have the opportunity to really know their grandparents and here my boys are getting to know their great-grandparents. We truly are blessed.

Hope you have a great Wednesday.


Shellmo said...

i love how the bush looks against the snow!
What a special relationship you have w/ your grandmother - I know I always cherished the one I had w/ my Papa.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I enjoyed reading about your relationship with your Granny.Count your blessings for that.My grandmothers both died very early in my parents marriage,so therefore I have no memory of them.I realize that I have missed out on a lot because of that.Now I'm trying to create memories for my grandaughter.

Evan Johnson said...

I like free stuff and you're right - nature is most often better left untouched -

That's why I go to the BWCA in northern Minnesota where it's almost completely untouched. It is hard to come back to the "real world" after being in that type of setting.

I want it to snow really bad now. It's just cold here..

Louise said...

It is wonderful that you haave such a good relationship with your grandmother.

The photo is beautiful.

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