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Nov 5, 2008


UPDATE: I found out with a bit of help from my friend over at Nature in the Ozarks, that this little guy is an American Dagger Moth. Marvin suggested that I submit the photo to the BugGuide, which I did and in a short time I had help with identifying this little guy. Thanks Marvin.

This little guy was found at our church picnic a few months ago. I tried to tell the kids to leave him be but you know how kids can be. I did make sure that he was returned to the area that he was found in though. I hope that he made it to fulfill his life cycle to become a butterfly or moth, whatever he may be.


Rocky Mtn. Girl said...

Aww... he's so fuzzy and cute! I can understand why the kids are so intrigued with them! Great photo!
Mountain Retreat- Canada

Marvin said...

The bristle-type hair and especially the tufts of black hair lead me to say this is some species of tussock moth caterpillar, which really tells you very little since there are many, many different species of those. If you posted the photo to BugGuide, you could probably get a more specific ID.

As you've no doubt figured out by now, I oppose all forms of unthinking "bug stomping", but especially since you have children, I need to pass along the fact that none of the tussock moth caterpillars should be handled. Those stiff hairs have microscopic barbs and can inject a poison. The result is a sting, and could be worse if the individual is allergic -- just observe/photograph without touching and then let the caterpillar go ahead and complete it's life cycle. Ya done good, Christy, and got a great photo too.

Shellmo said...

He is so beautiful and fuzzy - I can also see why the kids wanted to touch him!

Louise said...

What a pretty one! I've never seen one so pure white.

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