I truly think that there is more beauty in imperfection than perfection, for it is the imperfect things that truly make us beautiful. --me
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Aug 14, 2008

The Grasshopper and The Toad

Oh wait that isn't the story, is it? Well in this case it is. About a week and a half ago we celebrated my youngest nephew's first birthday. While at my sister's house I walked around the yard taking pictures of the critters and the kids out in the yard. (The butterfly, moth and clover images are from this day.) I tried as hard as I might to get a photo of a grasshopper but was only able to capture this one image. Part of the reason for only one image was that every time I would get a grasshopper in my sights one of my nieces or nephews would come running up to me scaring the bug away. Well this was the routine all day. I know this is not the greatest but I loved the camouflage effect, so can you see him?

Another creature we saw was this toad. Or is it a frog? Either way he is still cute in that amphibian sort of way. My oldest nephew cracked me up because he was more than willing to try and get this toad but when we saw a tiny one no bigger than your thumb, I asked him to pick it up and I would take his picture with it. Well he simply informed me that he would hold it but he didn't want to touch it, meaning that he didn't want to pick it up. It cracked me up because he would hold it as long as someone else placed it in his hand. I on the other hand enjoy them on the ground. I am past my days of picking up the critters out in the yard. I know I am going to have to get past this to some extent or learn to hide some of the gross out factor as my boys get older and start to get into these types of things. Oh, the joys I have ahead of me if my boys are anything like their predecessors.


Marvin said...

Methinks that grasshopper just doesn't want to be seen, but you did a fantastic job of capturing all the toad's textures and colors.

The boys will have you out handling snakes and catching bugs before you know it. :-)

(It is a toad. Generally speaking, toads are bulky and have rough, warty skin while frogs tend to be more slim and smooth skinned.)

Christy said...

For those who are looking for the grasshopper and couldn't find him, he is right in the middle of the pic but his head is covered so it makes it a bit more difficult to see him. He is the stick looking thing in the center.

Louise said...

I would have never seen the grasshopped if you had not said it was in the picture. I barely found it knowing it was there. That must have been hard to focus on!

I hear you on the gross-out factor. Even with girls, I don't want them to be sissy princesses, so I try to not let them see my fears of slimy things. I am terrified of worms. (The harmless, gentle little earthworms, especially, but all worm-like things.) I never let them see that and put the plastic smile on my face as I encourage them to hold them. And makes sure I stay far enough away that it won't touch me if it gets dropped!

Marcos Santos said...

I would not give kisses on the mouth of the frog,
even knowing what would become a beautiful princess.

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