I truly think that there is more beauty in imperfection than perfection, for it is the imperfect things that truly make us beautiful. --me
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Jun 27, 2011

Bleeding Heart

We took one of my nieces and a nephew with us to the zoo the other day. The flowers were really starting to bloom. I don't know why I'm always drawn to this flower but it is among my favorites.

The past two weeks this image seems to be very fitting of. We have been put through the emotional rollercoaster. On June 14th we celebrated the graduation of my niece from high school. June 15th brought sorrow to the family with the passing of my husbands grandmother, she was 89. June 17th, I had a fun photo shoot with the kids in the mud. Later that evening, I learned of the passing of a dear family friend, she was 82. June 19th we had a graduation open house for my niece. The 20th and 21st were spent at the funeral home for Grandma. The funeral was on the 21st. I didn't have much time to rest as I had to get shopping done for a family reunion with my mom's family that took place this past Saturday. In the meantime between shopping trips I learned of two high school friends who both lost their mothers this past week. Saturday was an enjoyable day with the family. Sunday I suffered from a terrible migraine. Today I had a wonderful 9month old to shoot pictures of followed by the funeral for our family friend. So needless to say, I am really hoping and praying for a peaceful few days to get caught up on the things I have to do and maybe work on a few things that I'd like to do.


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Ouch,that sounds like a rough few days.I pray that you will feel peace and relaxation over the next days.

Christy said...

Thank you, Ruth! Today was a peaceful day. I finished editting pictures from the "Playdate in the Mud" photo shoot. Tomorrow I should finish the 9 month old session. Then I can concentrate on a few other things around the house.

pompom said...

You have got a nice blog site.Congratulations!!

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