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Jun 10, 2009

Glimpses of Blue

So the other day, well Mother's Day to be exact, we were walking through the preserve and I'm admiring the beautiful color of this tree's blossoms. What would I see land in the tree? None other than a gorgeous Blue Jay who looks even more striking in the tree. Sure enough I get the camera aimed at him and focused and just before I can snap the picture...

He flies away.


SD at "Addicted to The Click" said...

Silly ol' birds! Gorgeous tree though! Wow!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Beautiful tree and the Blue Jay would have been perfect.THis sort of thing happens to me all the time.

Anonymous said...

Dog-gone it! That's a shame - I would love to have seen a blue jay amongst all that pink!

Christy said...

It was beautiful. He stood out so well amongst those pink blossoms. I'm glad that I did get to see it at least.

Louise said...

The pink takes my breath away!

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