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Jan 11, 2014

Frozen Bubbles

So, here in the Great Lakes State, we have had some interested weather as of late.  The weekend before Christmas we were hit with an ice storm and at my home we lost power for 2.5 days.  Several in our area were without power 5 days or even longer.  Then the weekend after New Year's we were hit with a record breaking snowfall climbing to the number 3 spot of recorded snowfalls with a total of 17.2 inches.  Then the icing on the cake was the record breaking sub-zero temps that followed.  The other day we were at -22 degrees Fahrenheit.  The recorded historical low for that given day was -8 with a seasonal low of -25.  And don't forget the wind chill factor bringing things down to the -40's.  Well with all this fun weather going on I decided to play besides being cooped up inside was getting to me.

Here is my attempt at freezing bubbles.  (Still hoping to try again this winter.)


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

These are very interesting and pretty.

rohan senani said...

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ESCUDERO said...

Love your photos!


cool pics :)

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