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Mar 19, 2010

Forgotten Photos

These images are from fall of 2008. They are from a side-trip that I took on a trip across state to St. Joe. They are from the Augusta Covered Bridge area. The first picture I have posted other similar images. I love this picture in particular - the trail disappearing into the woods, the gorgeous golden color of the leaves, it is just too inviting I can't stand it. I'm ready for the walk now, only I live almost two hours away. Go HERE to read about this trip. I need to visit there again soon.

I think I want to try and capture MI (that should be read "my", get it a play on words) covered bridges during other seasons as well as the fall. (I was looking through my bridge pictures and noted that they are all from the fall season.) This will be a project that lasts a few years because well, I don't have the free time like I once had when I started this project back in 2005. I've had two of the best gifts bestowed upon me and have been loving every minute of it, although at this season in my life I don't have the time I once had and have to do much more planning in order to have free time but this will change over time.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. They are of my favorite season. The only thing I don't like about the fall is the reminder that colder weather is ahead. I've always said if they could give me 80 degree weather and snow I wouldn't mind winter because I love love love the beauty of snow but hate hate hate the cold.


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Love,love,love the first picture.Yes,I want to head down that trail right now.

Stacey Dawn at "Addicted to The Click" said...

ooh - so pretty. I love fall too and all the colors that pop out in fall. I'm starting to like winter too (perhaps because we had the warmest winter in the country this year!) because of all the naked trees and frosty foliage.

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